Sunday, July 24, 2011

Black Sheep Sunday: Jack Dwight Hisey

I'm just getting started on this blog, having discovered Geneablogger. It's great because they present several blogging prompts to help get you started on what to blog on.

The Hisey side of my family has some dark secrets. First off, there was James Dwight Hisey, who committed suicide in one of the outbuildings of his small property, in 1924. This caused his family immeasurable heartache, embarrassment and financial hardship.

Shortly after James's suicide, Jack Dwight Hisey was born. He had two siblings, both considerably older than him, and was probably spoiled as much as they could in their circumstances.

When Jack grew up he was married 3 times and was known as quite the womanizer. He died in 1967 of a gunshot wound. There is some argument as to exactly how the shooting occurred, but it is generally agreed that he was shot while he was at work at the grocery store where he was employed.

The story I generally heard (and only on occasion when I was growing up) was that he was shot by the husband of a woman he'd been secretly seeing.

My aunts recently related another version of that story, to wit: Jack was at work, and this irate husband came to find the person who'd been fooling around with his wife. When he asked the actual perpetrator who "so-and-so" was, the rascal pointed out Jack, and so Jack was shot instead of the person who actually did the fooling around.

I intend to do a little research in the local papers of the time to see if I can learn any further details. Murders are so rare in the upper Shenandoah Valley that I'm sure it would have gotten plenty of attention.

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